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Seller: Jill and Geoffrey Fyfe

Purchaser agrees to the following:
1. Under no circumstances will this cat or its prodigy be leased, given away, or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.
2. This kitten is available as a quality bengal pet.He/she must be neutered before 7 months. He/she is not for breeding. The blue TICA transfer slip will be provided on receipt of proof of neutering and in the meantime you will have the full pedigree of your kitten. When sending us your proof of neutering, please also supply your details and the DOB of the kitten and also the parents .
3. Deposits are non refundable, except in the case that the breeder is unable to proceed with the sale. No cash refunds will be given for any reason.
4.This kitten/cat is not to be sold on or re-homed at any stage of its life without contacting us first. Whilst we may not always have room to take the kitten back, we will try to help by passing on enquiries,and will always advertise the kitten for re-homing on our website for you.
5. It is strongly recommended you continue with the free four weeks insurance to cover any unforeseen medical problems, Glitterglam cannot be responsible for vets bills if you haven’t continued the insurance after the four weeks. We recommend that you continue with Pet Plan for the first year to ensure continuity of cover. Buyer accepts full responsibility for continuing insurance.
6. Any health or settling in concerns to be discussed solely with either the vet or the breeder. Not for public discussion.
7. The full balance for the kitten must be paid for by the time he or she reaches 3 months of age (unless otherwise agreed). Should the balance not be paid we reserve the right to keep the deposit and re-advertise the kitten.

Health Guarantee
Our kittens/cats come to you with their up to date vaccinations for flu and enteritis, they have all been wormed regularly we guarantee them to be in good health at the time of sale.
If the kitten/cat should die due to congenital defect (may not be apparent in early life) within the first twelve months it will be replaced with a kitten or cat of comparable quality,at the breeders discretion, and value when available.
Post mortem would be required to verify the cause of death.

UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIOUR ISSUES (spraying, inappropriate urination, scratching
of furniture etc) developing once the kitten/s has been turned over to the purchaser
and conditions such as colds, virus, bacterial infections and skin rashes are not
conditions for return or refund. The vendor will happily work with the purchaser to
modify any behavioural issues.

Animates Veterinary Practice has examined our kittens at least twice.

Purchaser agrees to provide their Bengal with a good quality life and lots of love.

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